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About the Warriors (by Erin Hunter) role play by Jenapher. If you know about it, feel free to add pages about specific cats or Clans!

What This is AboutEdit

For generations, the cats of the Clans have lived in the forest. Many heros and villans have come and passed in that time. Enter the world of the Clans. What will YOUR destiny be?

Needed pages: FireClan, IceClan, TreeClan, SnowClan, Froststar(heart), Spiritstar, Branchkit, Amberpaw (and her kits), Argo, Redstar, Longstar, Duskstar, Burnstar, Snowfeather, Stormfur, LeafClan, MoonClan, SunClan, Ravenflight, Goldensky, Sandfur, Branchclaw, Darkpelt, Spotfur, Treepelt, Yellowstar, Nightwing, Leopardpaw, Spriteheart, Cloudfur, Snowstar(foot), Stormstar, Firespark, Tawnystorm, Featherkit, Lightningfang, Goldendawn, Russetbreeze, Whitecloud, Cherryblossom, Tallsoul, Snakestar, Speckleleaf, Fernpelt, Icetail, Runningbreeze, Nightwhisker, Firestar, Snowstar(TotC), Treestar, Goldenheart, Sagewhisker, Flamefern, Eaglefeather, Duskfern, Dappleheart, Thistlestripe, Snaketooth, Silverflame, Darkfur, Dustfoot, Littletail, Honeyleaf, and... uhm, this is getting long.

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